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Non-Eu Student Application form 2024/25



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In line with its cosmopolitan nature and its tradition of widening access to all who can benefit from higher education, Learnkey Training Institute keen attract applicants from as diverse a range of background as possible. At Learnkey Training Institute our major interest is in selecting students who will benefit from the academic nature of our Diploma programmes and the way they are taught and examined, no matter what their background.

We therefore seek students who have a commitment to their chosen discipline, who are open- minded and possess a questioning attitude to knowledge, and who are challenging (and fun) to teach.

Your application form is forwarded to our Processing Department by the Administration Department where it is checked to ensure that specific subject requirements have been or will be met. The application is then read by the relevant departmental Admissions Tutor with special attention being paid to the personal statement and the referee's report. Admissions Tutors are not simply looking for predicated or actual examination grades but also trying to assess qualities such as academic potential, motivation for studying the degree and communication skills.

If we think your application is promising, it is likely you will be asked to come to Learnkey Training Institute for interview. Students resident overseas or those who would have difficult journeys are normally exempted (a telephone or an e-mail interview might be done). The interview day itself will vary from the academic department to department, but will normally consist of a talk about the subject and the college,

The nature of the interview also varies; some will be subject oriented whereas others will be more concerned with motivation and communication skills. The interview is not designed to 'catch applicants out' but to give us a chance to meet you and make a serious judgment on your application. It is also a two way process giving you the chance to question us. At Learnkey Training Institute we are interested in admitting individuals and not merely a collection of academic qualifications, and we may use the interview to adapt our standard offers depending on an applicant's strengths and aptitudes.